Bad Elster culture and dining

Culture & fine dining in a unique atmosphere

Experience the cultural and culinary selection amidst the former spa architecture in the culture and festival town of Bad Elster, Saxony's most traditional state spa. Enjoy events of your choice, for example in the magnificent King Albert Theatre Bad Elster or in the wonderfully-located NatureTheatre Bad Elster - and complete this with a fine dining experience!

Whether it's for a large musical, a virtuous symphony concert, an inspirational cabaret or guest performances by international artists and ensembles, there is something for everyone's taste in Bad Elster. A culinary selection of this kind lets your dive into the royal Saxon pleasures of Saxon's state spa. Bon appétit!

Café-Restaurant »Waldschlösschen« by the NatureTheatre

  • The historic Café-Restaurant "Waldschlösschen" by the NatureTheatre

    The »Waldschlösschen«

Café-Restaurant »Waldschlösschen« offers healthy meals to its guests year round in the middle of the historic Waldpark Bad Elster. In the afternoon, you can relax with coffee and a piece of cake under pergola in this unique atmosphere. (located 5 minutes from the King Albert Theatre, telephone: 037437/534520)