10th Int. Chur-Saxon Masterclasses 2024

Violin / Chamber Music • Viola • Violoncello | February 19 - 25, 2024

  • Prof. Peter Bruns (Violoncello) & GMD Florian Merz

    Artistic friendship in the heart of Europe:
    Prof. Peter Bruns (Violoncello) & GMD Florian Merz

Since 2014 Cure-Saxon master classes will be held in Bad Elster. The aim is to promote the national and international young professional musicians in the heart of Europe. The artistic leaders will be the world class cello player Prof. Peter Bruns (Leipzig) and the director of the King Albert Theatre Bad Elster, musical director Florian Merz (Bad Elster/Düsseldorf). In addition, various other internationally famous visiting professors for different (string) instruments will be appointed as lecturers of the Cure-Saxon master classes.

As a speciality, the participants of the courses will have the opportunity to play a predetermined piece of music in a rehearsal with the orchestra and to also perform it in the big farewell concert with the orchestra after being selected by the course professor.

In combination with the accompanying health offers and the world-famous manufacturing of musical instruments in the neighbouring musical destination of Markneukirchen as well as the touristic infrastructure, the culture and festival town of Bad Elster offers the best prerequisites to make the Cure-Saxon master classes a success. The framing town spectrum of quiet, nature, relaxation and the complementary wellness factors offer the best basis for a concentrated and successful working atmosphere, especially in the field of instrumental pedagogy.

We are very pleased that Ms. Yvonne Magwas, Member and Vice-President of the German Bundestag, has taken over the patronage of the International Chursächsische Meisterkurse.

Course program 2024: Heime Müller - Pauline Sachse - Peter Bruns

The teachers
For the 10th Cure-Saxon master classes in 2024, the Worldclass-Violinist Heime Müller (violin / College for Music Lübeck), Prof. Pauline Sachse (viola / College for Music Leipzig) as well as Prof. Peter Bruns (violoncello / College for Music and Theatre Leipzig) could be recruited again. Prof. Heime Müller will be opening the offer our masterclasses for string quartets.

The course week
In the course week, the participants will work out the course programmes in the three instrumental courses in one-to-one lessons. The other participants and visitors can observe. There's also the possibility of a passive course participation. During the course, pieces of chamber music can also be practised and presented mutually by all three courses.

Complementary programme Health and Manufacturing of musical instruments
The course programme in Bad Elster will be complemented by an attractive framework programme, which underlines the special character of the master classes: Therefore health, sports and recreational offers of the Sächsische Staatsbäder GmbH as well as active experience offers meeting Vogtlandian manufacturers of musical instruments and/or visiting the Museums of Musical Instruments of the region will be included as programme points.