• Badeplatz (bathing area) Bad Elster

Culture and Festival Town Bad Elster

Saxony's most traditional state spa

A town of culture and festivals - Bad Elster, Saxony's most traditional state spa, and one of Germany's oldest therapeutic moor mud spa since the monarchy, is located in the tri-border region of Bohemia, Bavaria and Saxony - in the heart of Europe. Next to its profile as Saxony's State spa, with its exclusive health, wellness and rejuvinating treatments, over the last few years, Bad Elster has gained the title as a "chursächsische" town of culture and festivals due to its unique "Shortest Festival Mile" and its excellent event programme.

After Elster was first documented in 1324, the first mineral spring was inspected for medicinal qualities in 1669, and then dedicated to the territorial lord, Duke Moritz von Sachsen-Zeitz. Even Johann Wolfang von Goethe knew to appreciate the therapeutic spring, as referenced in his epic "Hermann und Dorothea" in 1795. The bathing and cultural operations in Bad Elster finally truly began at the beginning of the 19th century: what is now the Chursächsische Philharmonic was founded in 1817, and in 1818 the first spa treatments were offered. The Spa in Elster was deemed the "Royal Saxonian State Spa" in 1848 and today it is one of the most traditional and renowned therapeutic spa in Germany.

Historical architecture and cultural experiences of a special kind

  • Lake Louisa is a treasure in the historical parks
    of Bad Elster

Stylistically, the old town centre of Bad Elster is characterised by the Wilhelmina atmosphere of industrial era Germany. Here, the art nouveau Albert Bad with its tastefully designed and appealing interior complements the renowned King Albert Theatre, often considered the epitome of grand court theatres. As if branching out from this stunning central point, the ‘short-distance festival mile’ leads visitors not only to the Saxon Baths museum , the KunstWandelhalle with the Moritz Spring, the Maria Spring and its beautiful fountain temple, the stately Königliches Kurhaus, but also to Bad Elster’s three bandstands. Within the Royal Convalescene House there are a variety of event halls, a gallery as well as Tourist Information Bad Elster, which functions as the guest and service centre for this town of culture and festivals.

Bad Elster, with its artistically designed, light-illuminated Royal Spa Grounds, combined with sophisticated spa and park architecture, offers a unique relaxation and adventure landscape. The unique, historic parks with numerous promenade paths lovingly and generously connect the architectural ensemble: Visitors can stroll from the historic Albert Park to the centrally located park at the bathing place to the Paul-Schindel-Park with the idyllically situated Floratempel on Lake Louisa, feel at home in the historical restaurant-café »Waldquelle« in the forest park right next to Saxony's oldest NaturTheater Bad Elster.

Successful combination: Culture and Health

  • Fun while bathing in the historical wooden tub
    (Photo: Uwe Tölle)

At the historical Albert Bad long-standing therapeutic mineral and mud baths, guests and visitors benefit from treatments based on homeopathic remedies. The naturally beneficial mud and refreshing curative water are valuable natural treasures, which are utilised to their full healing potential in various mud, water and spa treatments. The stately Albert Bad therapeutic baths are directly connected to modern pool and sauna areas as well as the medicinal training and fitness centre. Here, you can train on state-of-the-art equipment and afterwards relax with a dip in to warm spring waters or simply forget your worries with an hour in our modern saunas.

This combination of services is what makes Bad Elster especially appealing. Today, take a hike through one of Saxony’s most breath-taking nature preserves. Tomorrow, experience the wide world of opera at the King Albert Theatre, and then lounge in the lap of luxury with one of the excellent spa treatments at the Albert Bad – a select relaxing holiday for both body and soul!

This Saxon town of festivals and culture is a worthwhile holiday destination the whole year round!